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1979 Monte Fade to black

1979 Monte Fade to black

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Fade to blk sectional

Get ready to ride in style with the 1979 Monte Fade to Black. This RC Monte Carlo comes with a wrap kit made from diamond material, ensuring a vibrant and long-lasting color. Stand out from the crowd with an easy-to-install ride. (You'll be the talk of the town!)


Monster Graphics utilizes professional grade diamond silver as well as diamond white vinyl.  This high grade material is very sturdy and durable, this will allow it to conform more easily to curves, corners and crevices. Our wraps are also laminated to protect it from ultraviolet rays.


Care Management

Monster Graphics endorses 360 RC.

When applying 360 RC Mist, spray a generous amount of the product. Use a clean, dry microfiber cloth to wipe the section in one direction, being careful not to press too hard. You can also try wiping and lifting at the same time. Wipe the section completely dry before moving on to the next.

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